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I am a bodyworker and I offer pleasure based massage and therapeutic somatic touch, and so you can imagine why Read more
Let's dive in and explore the pleasures of butt play. There is a lot of curiosity about this pleasure zone Read more
Most of us masturbate to some degree or other. Here are some top tips to bring more sensuality to your Read more
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Many men have come to me as a last resort when they have exhausted all medical avenues to resolve the Read more
As a Somatic Sex Coach, premature ejaculation is probably the number one concern that clients bring to me. Often in Read more
Watch my video 'Why men find it difficult to seek help with sexual problems'. English subtitles are available for this Read more
The sex life of many men is a far cry from the sexual fantasy that our "sex sells" quick fix Read more
Watch the video of the talk Touch Changes Lives delivered at The Sex Lectures Manchester in December 2018 Read more
Watch the video of the talk given at Manchester Sex Lectures July 2019 (14 minutes) This video is age restricted Read more
Tantra is a vast and holistic philosophy for living that incorporates wisdom from the Taoists of ancient China and the Read more
Spring is about waking up. Coming out of hibernation. With lockdown now easing those of you hoping to date again Read more
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