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I am a bodyworker and I offer pleasure based massage and therapeutic somatic touch, and so you can imagine why I was sceptical about working online. I was always reluctant to do it, that was, until the pandemic hit!

Firstly, its important to know that the sessions I offer are bespoke to each person and can help to address diverse issues from low libido to poor body confidence, from getting back into the bedroom after a break to worries around sexual performance. There can be, in some cases, as much sorting through the blocks to full sexual empowerment by discussion as there is in person body work. And so yes, much of this therapeutic work involves listening and talking, problem solving and supporting clients with the kind of pleasure based ‘homework’ that helps them achieve what they set out to do.

Some sessions can be exclusively online. For example, masturbation coaching, which is the foundation of my Potential programme (Level 1 – Empowered Self Pleasure For Men) can be exclusively experienced online. Jim*, an older man from the USA was seeking help with a drop in sexual function and wanting to get more joy from his own body. He began working with me during the pandemic.

“My first session [online] with Sian was fantastic, far better than I expected […] I love how we can just talk and share, and she always has helpful suggestions. The heart-genital meditation we did online was just wonderful”

In just 6 one hour sessions, Jim felt he had achieved everything he wanted. It was this success with Jim that helped build my confidence that online sessions really could work.

James* contacted me for help with sexual inexperience and feeling stuck in a rut with his use of fantasy and porn. We worked together through a mix of online and in person sessions. What he has found works for him is to alternate two hours of face to face bodywork and an hour online in between.

“I work full time, so the online appointments save me time and from having to travel so much. And it means I can focus entirely on the bodywork when we meet in person. Online sessions are great for talking about how the bodywork is influencing my day to day experience, for practicing the homework and getting live feedback from Sian on how to improve my techniques”

When the pandemic hit and I had lots of clients in the middle of programmes that I could no longer work with in person. I had to adapt and, working with each unique client, we found ways to move forward through the programmes. As a result I am a convert and I can see both the pros and cons of online versus in person sessions.

*Name changed for client confidentiality.

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One of the unexpected pros, was that meeting via the video calling app Zoom can actually be more effective. There is something about being online that enables clients to move through activities more quickly, without losing any of the impact of the content. In fact sometimes, the physical distance between us enables some clients to go deeper than they would in person. And these findings are not just with my clients, my colleagues are reporting similar experiences.

There are a number of emerging theories about why this might be, including the possibility that clients feel more comfortable in their own home and space. Another factor could be that you can choose when and how much of the body you share on screen. And your choices are deeply integral to this work.

Other benefits online include:

  • Easier access at times that work for you
  • Fits around your lifestyle or working hours
  • Offers consistency during the uncertainty of the pandemic
  • Enables face to face sessions. I can still support you to explore how you’re feeling, understand your experience and support you to make changes towards your goal.
  • Reduced travel, saving time, money and reducing environmental impact

What to expect from online sessions:

In all of my work, it is important for you to feel heard and understood without judgment. This is no different whether we meet face to face or online. So you can trust that we can create a relationship where you feel safe enough to explore the areas you want to work on.

Online sessions are carried out using the encrypted video app Zoom.  You will need:

  • A private space to have the conversation where you won’t be disturbed.
  • A laptop, computer, or tablet that can be stabilised on a flat surface rather than being hand held
  • A stable internet connection
  • The Zoom app downloaded onto your device

I now also work online offering custom sessions. This is for you if you want some time to ‘ask a sexpert’ around all things erotic. An excellent opportunity for you to explore issues you may have wrestled with for a while and simply need clarification on. Also great if you don’t know what you want to explore, I can help you to reach some clarity.

No matter where you live or what you want to explore, maybe working online might be just the thing that will work for you, just as unexpectedly as it has been working for many others.

Want to explore?

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Body work on Zoom? What to expect from online sessions
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