Spring Practices to Ease You Out of Hibernation

Spring is about waking up. Coming out of hibernation. With lockdown now easing those of you hoping to date again or woo your lovers may already feel stirrings and want to find ways to wake up your erotic self. Tantra talks about breath, movement, and sound as a way to be with and wake up the vitality of the body. Here are some nurturing practices to gently melt away stagnation into swagger. 


Breath has a powerful effect on your entire nervous system. By practicing and exploring breath you can completely change your physical and mental state. Barbara Carellas of Urban Tantra says that the difference between excitement and fear is the breath – with excitement we breathe, with fear we don’t – so here are some helpful tips to help you breathe and switch from fear to excitement.

Down regulating breath helps with stress levels and aid relaxation. Try breathing into your belly for a count of 5 and out for a count of 7.

Up regulating breath can wake you up. Giving you more energy and vitality. Try this sniff breath when you are feeling tired or lethargic to give you a boost. Take a sharp inhale through the nose and let the breath fall out of your body on the exhale. All of the effort is on the in-breath, not the out-breath. Complete 20 breaths.


Awaken the body with gentle exercises, walking or dancing. Yoga stretches may be seen as something for the ladies, but simple yoga stretches can help revitalise your body and get stagnant energy circulating again – there are plenty of free yoga stretches available on YouTube to check out

Getting out into nature even for a few moments, can do wonders for relieving stress– stop the car and get out, feel the air, be inspired by buds opening. Go hug a tree! (Seriously! You should try it)

Sound: Express yourself!  

It can be so freeing to express yourself. Try incorporating making sound into your breathing practice. Express stuck tension in your body by simply making a sound on the out-breath.

Find a voice for your expression sing, reading aloud to others, call and share with someone you love.

Resistance to Gentle Practices 

Like a grizzly bear coming out of hibernation, you may feel quite a bit of resistance. Even these simple and gentle practices might seem too much or maybe not enough! The changes you experience might be so subtle initially you might tell yourself they don’t work. Or they’re just not for you.

However, it’s the very nature of their ease and gentleness that makes these practices so powerful. Impact and change grow like plants in spring. So just give yourself 5 minutes a day to explore a breath, movement or sound practice and see what gently awakens in you.

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I wish you a wonderful return to spring, health and vitality.

With love


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Spring Practices to Ease You Out of Hibernation
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