Frequently asked questions

I’ve tried to keep this website fairly free of jargon, but sometimes its unavoidable, so I’ve offered here some jargon free explanations and answered some commonly asked questions.

Trusted professionals for women, other genders & men

I have some wonderful, professional practitioner colleagues who I am delighted to recommend, many of whom specialise in working with and supporting women, trans (including non-binary) folx and/or gender non-conforming folx, as well as men.

Etiquette, boundaries & consent

Please take a few minutes to read my page about booking considerations, boundaries, consent, and other behaviour topics. I am passionate about creating a place where not only are your boundaries respected, but mine are too.

Confidentiality & data protection

I am bound to protect you, your data and your confidentiality at all times, I request that you also maintain confidentiality for me in terms of my contact details, home address or any other personal information you discover during the course of our work together.

Cancellation, non-attendance & postponement policy

By making the payment for your session or package, you indicate your agreement to the cancellation and postponement terms on this page. If you have any questions about the policies contained within please discuss them with me before purchase.

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