What Is Tantra?

Tantra is a vast and holistic philosophy for living that incorporates wisdom from the Taoists of ancient China and the mystics of ancient India. Some Tantra elements were incorporated into the early Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist religions. More recently Tantra teachings, along with other Eastern wisdom such as Yoga were brought to the West, becoming more widely known in the last 50 years or so.

Mindfulness Embodiment Connection

While Tantra has many lineages and definitions, it is essentially about embracing and honouring all aspects of ourselves and our lives and everything around us. Tantra celebrates life in all its forms.

Many of our Western beliefs and socialisation around pleasure is that sex is morally wrong, must be done in a certain way and that some types of sexual expression are not natural.

Tantra speaks of sexual energy as our vital life force energy, a force within us that when honoured and harnessed correctly can be used to keep us healthy, well and full of vitality.

Breath Movement Sound

Diagram showing seven ‘Chakras’ or energy points in the body which are used in some forms of Yoga and in Tantra

In the West we are taught that there must be a separation between pleasure in our body, our heart and our spirituality.

Tantra teaches that sex, heart and spiritual connection are essential for good health. Tantra also respects sexual energy as a positive life force energy and promotes its use to help deepen our connection with our own heart energies, connection with others and with higher consciousness and with the wider world. It is this connection (or reconnection!) to pleasure and heart and higher consciousness that The Power element of my services is designed to support.

While Tantra has spiritual elements, there is no requirement to worship a specific religion or deity. However Tantra does call on us all to honour and respect all life forces; our own, each others and those in the wider world.

I believe that Tantra is not a set of rules, Tantra is a place within you; it is your birthright. Tantra is an innate sense of wholeness and connection that can be discovered, explored and brought to life so that you can strengthen and enhance the way you choose to live.

Body Heart Soul

How tantra influences my work is shown across the three different services I offer:

Portal to Your Pleasure: Focuses on Tantric Massage which is purely for connection, pleasure and erotic sensation. There is abundant pleasure in exploring how simple sound, movement, breath and specific touch techniques can enhance your sexual experience. This is a relaxing, erotic and playful experience, where the Feminine energy in me (Shakti) is honouring the Masculine energy in you (Shiva). I am also delighted to offer opportunities for you to learn how to give a Tantric Massage, and I offer the opportunity for you in a couple to learn how to massage each other.

Passport to Your Potential: Is a unique opportunity to experience body based pleasure and learning for men experiencing challenges in sex and intimacy. I offer body based sex coaching which focuses firstly on your relationship with your own erotic body before going on to exoploring more about women in Level 2. Level 3 is for improved intimate connections and completes the journey into sexual vibrancy for many men. As well as Tantra, Passport to Your Potential brings in elements of the Wheel of Consent, Sexological Bodywork, sexual surrogacy techniques and is flexible enough to meet the learning needs of each and every client.

Pathway to Your Power: Tantric principles take centre stage in this journey to create beautiful, bespoke opportunities which combine pleasure and learning. We explore Tantric principles of Masculine and Feminine energy, embodiment, mindfulness and connection through intimacy and relationship.

Has what you’ve read here resonate for you? Then perhaps you are ready to explore something new with me. Click here to arrange a free consultation call and discover more about Pleasure through Tantric Massage, Discover your Potential and get better at sex and step into your Power with bespoke Tantric experiences.

I look forward to meeting you.

What Is Tantra?
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