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You’ve may have already come across terms such as Orgasmic energy, Orgasmic Yoga and Tantric Sexology and are perhaps curious about techniques such as semen retention, full body orgasms, energy orgasms and multiple orgasmic men. All of this is possible for men who are willing to explore, discover and practice these techniques.

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“We have forgotten where to touch, how to touch, how deep to touch. In fact, touch is one of the most forgotten languages”


Exploring Tantric Techniques such as these can help you to:

  • Master the arts of self pleasure
  • Increase your self honouring
  • Build your body confidence
  • Build confidence with partners
  • Address sexual difficulties
  • Deal with sexual performance anxiety
  • Get the most out of sexual intimacy
  • live a more vital and engaged life

And if you are new to all of this or a bit intimidated by it all, don’t worry, there is plenty here to engage you.


What is Tantra?

Traditional or Classical Tantra is a philosophy for life which originated in South Asia and has throughout the last 100 years or so, become part of Western Culture. As such Tantra in the West which focusses on the sexual elements is often referred to as Neo Tantra (meaning New Tantra). The essence of Neo Tantra is that sexual energy, or orgasmic energy as it is more accurately described as, is an essential life force energy that connects body, mind, heart and spirit. Tantra is a wholistic practice and philosophy to creating a life well lived with your sexuality as a healthy and central part of that. In contrast, historical Western beliefs around pleasure as sin and the resulting suppression of this energy are still deeply embedded in those brought up in the West. This can have devastating effects on our life force energy and as a consequence, our whole being. Tantra actively cultivates, nurtures and protects sexual energy and actively encourages us to deepen our connection to our heart, to our higher selves, to others in our intimate lives and in our wider community. Above all Tantra techniques and orgasmic energy can fuel our daily vitality, regardless of age, for all of our lifetime.

To learn more about the origins of Tantra read my article What is Tantra?

The essence and wisdom of Tantra is the foundation of all areas of my work and this together with my training in Sexological Bodywork, coaching, talking therapies, consent, kink and shadow tantra, I can guide you on a journey into knowing yourself; to become a better lover and explore the heights of sexual ecstasy.  Here is some of what is possible.


Tantric Massage – what’s it all about?

Tantric Massage speaks to the elements of Tantra around being in service, experiencing relaxed arousal and practicing non ejaculation techniques.

When I offer Tantric Massage, I bring my full presence, my feminine energy, my heart and my body into service to you as the client. The invitation is for you to surrender into receiving so you can feel nourished, supported and honoured. The aim is relaxed arousal, circulating sexual energy for vitality and if you choose, choiceful ejaculation.  I often get asked whether this is just an expensive happy ending massage. Find out more about this in my article here.

Portal to Your Pleasure is all about Tantric Massage which has therapeutic benefits but is primarily about accessing orgasmic energy through a relaxed mind and body. This allows your sexual energy to rise, circulate around the body and can bring you a new experience of your arousal. You can choose a delicious Tantric Massage for yourself, or if you want to learn how to offer a Tantric Massage, or to experience Tantric Massage as a couple then Portal to Your Pleasure is for you!

Read more about my Portal to Your Pleasure programme.


How can Tantra techniques help you with sexual dysfunction?

Many people have heard of Sting and his marathon Tantric sex sessions with his wife Trudi Styler. Although this is likely to be the stuff of urban legends, Tantric techniques can indeed help you overcome sexual challenges and support you to get the most out of your intimacy. In Passport to Your Potential I bring together Tantra principles of conscious breath, movement, sound and other techniques that enhance engagement of your vital self and sexual energy. Add to this heady mix the teachings of Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, the latest leading edge science from Sexological Bodywork, neurobiology, trauma and Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal theory and you have a potent mix of ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ to help you navigate through obstacles on your way to overcoming sexual difficulties and maximising your erotic potential.

Passport to Your Potential can help you to:

  • (Re)connect with your own body and your own arousal
  • Spend less time in your head and enjoy time with your body instead
  • Banish performance anxiety
  • Have more choice around premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation
  • Address difficulty in reaching orgasm – delayed ejaculation
  • Sort out your erectile dysfunction
  • Get more pleasure from penetration
  • Overcome sexual inexperience
  • Learn to give and receive pleasure
  • Improve your feelings around penis size and body confidence
  • Explore prostate massage and anal pleasure
  • Recover from difficult past sexual experiences and relationships
  • (Re)gain sexual confidence and move towards a new relationship

Read more about my Passport to Your Potential programme.

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How can I learn and experience Advanced Tantric Arts?

Advanced Classical Tantra approaches, together with Neo Tantra approaches are explored through my Pathway to Your Power programme. Pathway to Your Power offers bespoke Tantric experiences for men who have some sexual confidence yet know that there is more to experience than what is available to them right now – they may have been searching for something that’s been alluding them. You have found your way here, so maybe it’s time to embark on The Hero’s Journey and find your unique pathway to what you want.

Lets cocreate unique-for-you Tantra experiences which can include:

  • Yab Yum
  • Eye gazing
  • Breathwork
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Emotional release
  • Shadow Tantra
  • Conscious kink
  • Sustained sexual arousal
  • Masculine archetypes
  • Semen retention
  • Separating ejaculation from orgasm
  • Becoming a multi-orgasmic man
  • Scared intimacy

Read more about my Pathway to Your Power programme.

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How does Tantra help me to help you?

My first foray into becoming the Somatic Sex therapist and Intimacy Coach was by exploring Tantra. It’s quite difficult for me to quantify what I have learned through Tantra but I would say that presence, honouring, discovering my needs, honouring my wants, expressing my boundaries, learning to receive and be in service and healing my relationship with the masculine has all helped me through the many other trainings I have taken since 2016 and to become the therapist I am today.

Find out more about me and my journey here.

So whether you are looking for Tantra purely for pleasure thorough Portal to Your Pleasure, help to get better at sex through Passport to Your Potential or become the Tantric lover of your dreams with Pathway to Your Power , the Tantra that I offer can help you get to where you want to be.

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