Tantric massage is an erotic massage technique that involves your full body — including your intimate areas. The goal is to relax you body, quieten your mind, enhance sensation, awaken your sexual energy and experience sexual pleasure more fully.

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My name is Sian Johnson and I am a qualified Tantric Masseuse offering authentic Tantric Massage services in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax, Keighley and Harrogate as well as the surrounding West Yorkshire area. I offer consultations both in person and online so my programmes are still available to everyone no matter where there in based in the UK or worldwide….. Find out more about me, and find out what my clients are saying about me.


What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a technique that is one part of a holistic Tantra Philosophy originating in ancient South Asia. Tantra prizes sexual energy or orgasmic energy as a vital life force energy and is considered sacred. Unlike most other massage methods, for example nuru massage, naturist massage or nude massage; Tantric massage incorporates spiritual elements like mindfulness, breathing techniques, movement and sound. These aim to relax the mind so that you can feel more sensation in your body.

Tantric Massage involves your full body including your erogenous zones and genitals and involves an awakening of all of the senses and celebrate the body - all of the body - as a place of pleasure and source of joy. In the Tantric Massage, the focus is mainly on honouring you, your body and raising your levels of sexual energy to fuel your vitality.  Read more about my Tantric Massage offerings here.


What are the benefits of Tantric Massage?

One of the most beautiful benefits of Tantric Massage is its ability to help you experience pleasure from a non-judgemental place. All of you is welcome here, no matter your size, health, body shape or age (over 21 though please). You are welcome here with what you are bringing; from stress, emotions, trauma and sexual dysfunction all are accepted here without judgment.  This in itself can be hugely powerful in creating a space for pleasure, joy, exploration and healing.


Improve the quality of your orgasms

Tantric Massage can include breath work and other energy techniques to liberate your sexual energy which can improve your orgasm. Further exploration into Tantra techniques can help you separate orgasm from ejaculation (yes, they are separate functions but because they usually happen at the same time, this is new information for most people). And so some men, with practice, can become become a multi orgasmic man!  See the Power Programme for more information


Helping to ease pain

Loving touch to areas that are painful can help the body release natural pain killers called endorphins. Circulating sexual energy with an intention to heal pain in the body can support pain relief and healing.


Providing stress relief

Stress in the body is caused by the presence of chemicals such as Adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals keep our nervous systems upregulated – and sometimes over activated and it can be difficult, when we habitually live in an upregulated state to find time to unwind and bring the body back in to regulation and relaxation. Tantric Massage can help you downregulate, process these chemicals and allow you to drop into relaxation where safety chemicals are the produced


Improving sleep

Tantric Massage can be a beautiful experience. Receiving loving, honouring touch in an environment of safety, trust can develop which helps your body release the feel good connection hormone Oxytocin.  Stress hormones and other chemicals in the blood stream begin to dissipate and your body can rest for deeper and for longer.


Assisting in spiritual awakening

Tantra works with energy centres I the body called Chakras. The seven main chakras deal with different energies relating to sex, power, creativity, belonging connection, ambition, personal power, love for self and others, transformation, self expression, intuition and connection to our spirituality.  Tantra does not require you to identify with a specific spiritual deity or doctrine, but invites more of a personal connection to something that is bigger than us. Some call this god, some spirit, the universe, our higher consciousness, source or the collective consciousness.

By working with your sexual energy, we can encourage a stronger connection between our sex and our heart. And from there a connection between sex, heart and whatever represents spirituality for you.


Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions

Tantric touch techniques are integrated with the latest insights from Sexological Bodywork, Trauma Awareness and talk therapy trainings to bring a mix of traditional Tantric wisdom with the latest developments in nervous system and neurobiology to offer a holistic approach to sexual dysfunction. Elements of Tantric Massage are employed in strategies to address

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual stamina
  • Body image and confidence
  • Relationship loss and recovery
  • Mature virginity
  • Sexual performance

See the Potential Programme for more details.


What to expect from a Tantric Massage session?

Appointments are a minimum of two hours but can, if you choose, last up to 4 hours. I take you on a journey of the senses, from conversation at the beginning through the gradual stages of building rapport and feeling trust, connection and enough relaxation before moving into the touch massage itself.


Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is touching and massaging of the prostate gland. The prostate gland can, in some people, be felt by pressing on the perinium but is better accessed by massaging through the walls of the rectum by inserting a finger through the anus and searching for a walnut textured gland. It is my experience that some people do not enjoy anal play and prostate massage. However a greater number of people who come for a Tantric Massage want to and enjoy exploring prostate massage and anal play. Make sure you ask about this when you speak with me on your free Consultation Call.  For more on anal play, you can  Watch my video (12 minutes).


Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is an extended genital massage. Rather than a traditional ‘happy ending massage’, a Lingam massage focusses on using different types of touch honouring touch to all areas of the genitals. - this long slow and honouring touch can help to ease those fears.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you naked during Tantric Massage?

Yes. There are similarities between the Tantric Massage I offer to a naked body massage, sometimes called a naturist massage, in that you and I are completely naked during the massage. This enables lots of warm oil to be used without worrying about clothes getting spoiled and allows a naked oil massage with close connected touch.


Can I touch you during Tantric Massage?

No. One of the aims of tantric massage is for you to be able to fully relax into your body and into your experience. In my experience, men who want to touch are simply looking for extra pleasure from that touch – we call this the indirect route to pleasure - and can take you away from the direct route to pleasure that you can experience from allowing yourself to fully receive. So the intension, in this massage, is to open up your direct routes to pleasure, for you to relax, receive and experience touch that is specifically and lovingly offered for you.


Can I cum during a Tantric Massage

The short answer is that you can choose whether you want to cum or not. I don’t assume whether you will or wont ejaculate. I like to offer you the choice; why? Because Tantra advocates for enjoying sexual pleasures without ejaculating. The idea is that by not ejaculating you can preserve your sexual energy to use instead to fuel your life and this is part of the practice to begin separating orgasm from ejaculation and becoming multi-orgasmic. However, some men do not want to explore this and so, I cater for all clients; those that do and those that don’t want to. You get to choose!

See how else I use Tantra in my work view here.

For more information on Tantric Massage including an opportunity to learn Tantric Massage with one-to-one tuition,see The Pleasure programme.

If you want to get better at sex check out the The Potential Programme.

If you already on the pathway into Tantra or Conscious Sexuality you might find the The Power Programme of interest.

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