"To experience the most profound levels of sexual ecstasy, we must be willing to release, even if only temporarily, the drive for explosive orgasms and surrender to a quest for self-discovery and healing”
Michael Mirdad

“This is an opportunity to step into higher power that is available to men in connection with a woman”

Pathway to Your Power: beautiful, bespoke retreat experiences.

How deep can you go?

What do you do when you’ve already got pretty much everything sexual sorted, and yet you want more?

Well then maybe you are ready to:

  • Explore your Orgasmic Energy
  • Discover how you can achieve multiple orgasms
  • Understand semen retention
  • Release blocked sexual energy
  • Reveal your sexual vitality
  • Adventure into Orgasmic Yoga
  • Experience Tantric Sexology
  • Generate energy orgasms and full body orgasms
  • Connect your sex, your heart and your spirit
  • Create and enjoy erotic trance states

Or maybe you:

  • Want a safe place to explore erotic possibilities
  • Have doubts and questions about what is possible
  • Want more sexual vitality
  • Have something specific you want to explore
  • Or you may simply want to have a day of erotic exploration and adventure

Whatever is alive in you, you are here, and maybe you are ready now to take the next step of your journey on your Pathway to Your Power. I am ready to walk with you to help you discover your deeper inner strength and your beautiful erotic power.

The answer to your quest is Pathway to Your Power.

This is a full or half day bespoke-to-you retreat where you can switch off your phone, close the door on the outside world and immerse yourself in awakening your inner erotic adventurer.

This is your opportunity to explore, heal, expand and experience pleasure and connection and erotic power in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space. A place where you can unashamedly access your healthy masculine self and experience the joy of being met in that by my healthy feminine self.

Some people come here to learn or practice Tantra techniques, some come to explore fantasy and how kink can be both conscious, erotic and beautiful.  And others for connection and sexual healing.

Chakra sunrise

James* recalls his experience from his first Pathway to Your Power session.

James has been involved with Tantra for some time but after a break of a few years and the pandemic, his confidence was pretty low and issues from his sexual past were re-emerging.

“I’d heard about Sian from a Tantra Festival where she was running a workshop and I got in touch to see if I could work with her on a problem that has been with me for 35 years. I had at this point pretty much accepted defeat. I doubted that I could fully express my masculine side ever again!”

After his free Consultation Call where we discussed how a Power session could help and what could happen between us, James booked in for a half day retreat.

“I admit, I was very nervous to begin with, but Sian helped me to relax and guided me to make choices during the session and go at a pace that was just right for me. I’m so glad I went ahead with this. The talking part was essential to begin with and the bodywork was the deepest I have ever experienced.

In just one session I got clear glimpses of how to move forward. Sian’s generosity in that Power session was a gift to me that I will always treasure, it was the key that unlocked me and led me through the fear to exactly where I wanted to be. It was all just life changing!

"Me and my body are so grateful for the opportunity to experience what Sian and I shared.”  

Dan* recalls his experience from his first Pathway to Your Power session.

Dan has had quite a journey through our Power work together.  He came originally for a Tantric Massage and was always very clear that he didn’t want to ejaculate. Since then, Dan has worked with me across a number of sessions and through the Power full day retreats. He now experiences energy orgasms, full body orgasms, sustained sexual arousal and states of bliss he had never experienced before.

“The Power sessions are an opportunity to put the heavy responsibilities I have to one side so that I can really drop into my natural ecstatic self. I’m experiencing orgasmic energy now that I’ve never felt before. It’s taken a while, but this is what I have been seeking for years and through working with Sian I have finally found it”

*Names changed for client confidentiality.

Pathway to Your Power can help you:

To create a deeper connection with your own self, with lovers and with partners. To honour yourself, honour others, cultivate enhanced negotiation of consent, boundaries and communication, access altered states and experience erotic trance. Power sessions help you achieve semen retention, full body orgasms and becoming multi orgasmic; all within a relaxed, supportive and intimate environment.

Pathway to Your Power can include:

Tantric ritual, Yab Yum, two way/mutual touch, breathwork, movement and sound, sacred intimacy, connection to spirituality, safe exploration and initiation into conscious kink and fantasy, lingam, Tantric massage, sacred prostate massage and the magic arts of Tantra.

What to Expect from Pathways to Your Power Retreat?

  • Bespoke: Power sessions are tailor made to what you want to work on or experience in the field of Tantra, Consent, Bodywork , kink and the erotic. Sessions can be relaxed or lively or a healthy mixture of this and more
  • Welcoming: Power retreats take place in my beautifully decorated, modern, warm and welcoming home
  • Discretion: My home is part of a large apartment complex which offers easy access, safe parking and anonymity.
  • Hospitality: All retreats include light snacks and refreshments. Full day retreats include lunch
  • Presence: no phones, no interruptions and my full, undivided attention
  • Skill: I am a highly trained, insured and experienced practitioner who thrives in guiding men on the pathway to erotic joy, empowerment, freedom and Power. My qualifications here listed here
  • Consent: The Wheel of Consent is internationally recognised as the best in consent driven practice and is woven throughout my work. Far from dry words, consent and boundaries can deeply enrich erotic encounters. In negotiating and agreeing what you would like to experience in the session. We can create a safe space within which ground breaking explorations can take place. And in this sense, everything is an invitation to respond to each present moment and at a pace that works for us both
What clients are saying about Pathway to Your Power

Prices and Booking

This is an exclusive stepping up into the world of Tantric connection and intimacy. Offerings are bespoke to you.

Previous experience of Mens groups such as The Mankind Project or experience of, Tantra, conscious kink and the conscious sexuality community is an advantage to embarking on this Pathway.

If you’ve worked with me before, Pathway to Your Power is a natural extension to both The Men’s Programme and the Passport to your Potential Programme. Graduates of those programmes get 15% discount off Pathway to Your Power sessions.

For those new to working with me, I invite you to complete an initial Introduction introductory session of 2 hours.

Newsletter subscribers receive an exclusive 10% discount subscribe here.

  • An initial Introduction session - for those new to working with me: 2 hours at £210
  • Half day retreat experience: 4 hours £600
  • Full day retreat experience: 8 hours £1,000
  • Additional hours: £150 each

Please note that to keep you, myself and everyone I work with as safe as possible I require a recent Clear STI test and negative Lateral Flow Test prior to your appointment.

Ready to take your first step on the Pathway to Your Power?

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