“Discover Your Consciousness and You Will Find what Love Is”

Welcome to your Tantric Massage Intimacy Retreat for Couples

A transformative experience awaits you and your partner with retreats that offer the luxury of getting away from it all and simply focus on each other.

My intimacy retreats provide the opportunity to reconnect, appreciate and find joy in each other. To rediscover that special something that nurtures your love life, strengthens the bonds between you and your partner and enriches your relationship.

This is an exclusive private couples retreat, where the focus is on the sensual and erotic. My aim is to provide the right conditions for you to build, or rebuild, intimacy and communication between you. I use a range of techniques from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and modern therapeutic practices. I will teach you the concepts and practices of Tantra and sacred sexuality which you can use to build a spiritual and erotic connection between you.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect, spice things up, or just have a memorable day together, a Bespoke Tantra Intimacy Retreat can help you take your relationship to the next level, both inside the bedroom and out.

For more information on What is Tantra?, check out my article here.

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Your Tantric Massage Intimacy Retreat can help you to:

  • Deepen your connection and presence with each other
  • Bring more zest and joy into your relationship
  • Enrich, enhance and deepen your intimate sexual connection
  • (Re)discover your appreciation and honouring for each other
  • (Re)kindle desire and deepen your heart connection together
  • build self-confidence, communication and trust in each other
  • Develop an ease around intimacy with an emphasis on honouring, playfulness and laughter

Activities can include:

  • Meditation, mindfulness and discussion
  • Exploring playful games and sensual techniques
  • Opportunities to learn Tantric erotic arts
  • A sensual couples Tantric Massage each which can, if you choose, include honouring Tantric touch, genital massage, Lingam massage and Yoni massage
  • learning Tantric Massage for and with each other
  • Bespoke tuition on the things you want to learn
  • You may also want to explore anal play and prostate massage.

Take Aways:

On top of all of the joy, experiences, learning and great memories outlined above, you will also take away:

  • Playful and erotic homework assignments to help you keep the magic alive at home.
  • A free massage starter kit worth £25

Session structure and prices:

Tantra Intimacy Retreat for Couples

Full Day (Recommended) 8 hours at £800

  • Includes robes, towels, refreshments, lunch and a free massage starter kit worth £25

Half day 4 hours at £500

  • Includes robes, towels, refreshments and a free massage starter kit worth £25

Your next step is to arrange a Consultation Call. Ideally your call needs to be booked via Zoom where possible and you will need to attend the call together.

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