A top tip for the kind of rekindling intimacy between you and your beloved  that, whether you are heading for the bedroom or not, could well bring you both closer.

I call it ‘swooning’ and if you’ve not heard of it before, the Google dictionary offers a definition: ‘To be overcome with admiration, adoration, or other strong emotion.’ You can have your partner swooning with a few well-placed words!

So how to….

  • Like all of the best kind of intimacy, it begins with you. Feelings that have to  come from you; from your heart
  • So this is not about you doing this from a place of being horny – she will know if it is and might resist if you are only doing this to turn her on. It’s important that your intention comes from your heart rather than your genitals!
  • Start by thinking and feeling of all the lovely things about her, the things you appreciate about her. And recall what it is about her that you fell in love with. The key here is not to think about  what she does, because your woman’s value is not about what she does or doesn’t do, it’s about who she is and how that touches you. It may be the way she wrinkles her nose when she laughs, the way she can find humour in the darkest of times or the way she talks at films on the TV. Anything that is unique to her and that you enjoy about her
  • When you are feeling love and appreciation in your heart for her, go to her and take her hand in yours, or hold her from behind or gently take her into an embrace
  • Make sure you time this right, if she is taking out the trash or trying to do her nails, you might want to wait. However interrupting her while doing the dishes or some other task could be a good time
  • And then, as you touch her, tell her lovingly, one or more of the things that you appreciate about her that touches your heart
  • Bring your full presence and love into that moment
  • Stay there a little while, a minute or two. And then simply walk away
  • Go do something or be somewhere else, give her a chance to process what you have just shared with her and giver her a chance to miss you
  • In walking away you are reinforcing that you didn’t say this or do this to get sex, but that you did it to show her what she means to you, in your heart
  • If she follows you, calls you back or initiates intimacy after you have walked away, then that is a bonus. But the most important thing is that you have given this gift of love without any expectation of receiving anything in return
  • Now I now how tricky this can be to do, opening up in this way to your feelings and sharing those with her, can be very vulnerable. Most of us fear that we will get scorned, rejected or laughed at or that she will take it the wrong way. That’s OK, stepping into the fear and allowing your partner to see your vulnerability in doing that will most likely help her see the genuineness of what you are sharing and understand that you mean what you say and want to connect with her heart
  • And it is this, is just one of the steps that will enable you to step up into your graceful masculine power

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