“I have been seeing Sian for some years now and have thoroughly enjoyed what she offers and teaches; from Tantric Massage to Ecstatic Dancing. However, the day-long Pathway to Your Power programme, which she designed specifically for me, took everything

“How can I put into words how much I enjoyed our session… I felt like a different person over the weekend, just taking it all in. Seem much more relaxed and less stressed overall so something has worked . The

“Sian was almost immediately, with gentle probing questions, able to understand me, better than myself it seemed. Time seemed to stand still as I began little by little to understand the importance of being aware much more of my sensations,

“With Sian, I have experienced most of the practices and teachings that she has now brought together in her new programme. If you join the programme with an open heart, I can honestly say that it will, if you let