“Sian is a wonderful guide and mentor. She made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived, and I look forward to continuing my journey under her tutelage. If you are looking to improve or fulfil your intimacy potential

“Lovely to see and work with you again…. I really loved the last session. I feel really lucky and honoured to be working with you. I am not sure I would be in the place I am now if I

“I just finished my 4th session on line with Sian. I love how we can just talk and share, and she always has helpful suggestions for life! Then, the heart-genital meditation we did on line was just wonderful–everyone should learn

“My first session with Sian was fantastic, far better than I expected. I have been with several providers, and her knowledge, pleasant approach, helpfulness and understanding were wonderful. She was very helpful helping me, and gave me useful homeplay as

“I just like to say I really enjoyed our session on Friday it just felt really good to finally talk to someone about it and just sharing it felt like a weight was lifted of my shoulders. I was dreading

“I just completed five sessions with Sian. She is wonderful. She listens and cares. She made very useful and helpful suggestions. She helped me grow and learn in a gentle, positive way. I highly recommend Sian and the knowledge and

“I have been to a number of tantra teachers over the past 6 years, but all that changed with Covid and quarantine. I started going to on line sessions with Sian several months ago, and have been back on a