"When I touched her body, I believed she was god"
Roman Payne

Level Two: Empowered understanding of women

Everything you need to know about women’s sexuality.

Completing the Level One is a prerequisite for progression onto Level Two

This is about acquiring the knowledge, information, skills and tools to reach your desired outcomes. Using all that you have learned from Level 1, stepping into Level 2 offers you a unique opportunity to learn both the theory and the practical skills you need to be a better lover of women. Many men can find communication with partners generally and during intimacy, challenging. The kind of conversations we will be having during these sessions will help you develop more conscious communication with your partner and so develop a better understanding between eachother and enhance your relationship(s).

What clients are saying about Passport to Your Potential: Levels Two: Empowered understanding of women & Three: Empowered intimacy

Typical structure

Session one: What makes most women tick, a practical guide to the female erotic body and arousal. Introduction to touch

Session two: Improve your communication in and out of the bedroom, setting the scene for love, Tantric touch techniques, learn erotic body massage, learn yoni (genital) massage

Session three: Heart connections, swooning, anal massage, oral sex techniques. Bringing all the learning together. Review and prep for next level (if appropriate)

This outlines a typical structure, and as every man is unique, I may employ different tools and techniques depending on what is required. Each man's unique experience means that some men may need additional sessions to reach their goal.

Level Two will help you work with:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Managing your arousal
  • Erotic touch techniques
  • Communication, consent, boundaries and agreements
  • Understanding female arousal
  • Understanding and satisfying your partner
  • Touch techniques.

Level Two is the second of three steps towards ejaculation choice, ejaculatory freedom, erectile satisfaction, enhanced sexual techniques and sexual confidence in intimacy

Level Two features & costs

6 hours one to one contact time delivered in 2 or 3 hour, in-person sessions
Access to online resources and written material.
Email support is available in between sessions.
Sessions are spaced at fortnightly intervals
Ongoing daily homework practice is an essential aspect of this course

Total cost for Level 2: £750

More than 10% discount is available when choosing levels 1, 2 and 3 together.

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