"Communication is merely exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity"
Sean Stephenson

Level Three: Empowered intimacy

Everything you need to know about sexual connection

Completing Level One and Level Two programmes and a new clear full spectrum STI test are prerequisites for progression onto Level Three.

This step brings together everything you have learnt about what feels good for your own body, and what feels good for women. You are now ready to practice these skills in intimacy; learning to master the tools and techniques to create your desired outcomes.

What clients are saying about Passport to Your Potential: Levels Two: Empowered understanding of women & Three: Empowered intimacy

Typical Structure

Session one: Platonic touch, flirting, dating and how to deal with rejection, consent and boundaries, timing, choosing your setting, undressing ritual, eye gazing, erotic touch.

Session two: Tantric ritual, Yab Yum, two way/mutual touch

Session three: Bring all of the skills you have learned together in a guided, intimacy session. Review of your journey through all of the levels, choose next steps and closure

This outlines a typical structure, and as every man is unique, I may employ different tools and techniques depending on what is required. Each man's unique experience means that some men may need additional sessions to reach their goal.

Level Three will help you:

Bring together the confidence and advanced skills you have gained from Level 1 and 2 programmes and offers the opportunity to practice these skills in relaxed, supportive, guided intimacy.

This level is designed to support the development of ejaculation choice, ejaculatory freedom, erectile satisfaction, confidence in intimacy, deeper and more loving connections and increased sensation, joy and pleasure.

“Sex is the beginning of the journey to love”

Level Three features & costs

6 hours one to one contact time delivered in 2 or 3 hour, in-person sessions
Access to online resources and written material.
Email support is available in between sessions.
Sessions are spaced at fortnightly intervals
Daily homework practice is an essential aspect of this course

Total cost for Level 3: £900

More than 10% discount is available when choosing levels 1, 2 and 3 together.

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