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Guiding men to joy, empowerment and freedom

Based between Leeds and Bradford, West Yorkshire and available online anywhere in the world

Whether you know me from Creative Sexuality, or you are a new visitor, I wish you a very warm welcome

Work with me to discover your unique path to sexual pleasure, freedom and power

I am a woman who joyfully works with men like you. I offer delicious experiences, support and guidance for your pleasure and empowerment.

Do you want to experience the calming and erotic sensations of conscious loving touch through Tantric Massage?

Do you want to learn Tantric Massage for your partner or together as a couple?

Do you want to overcome physical and emotional obstacles to sex and intimacy. These might be low libido, performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation or other challenges?

Are you ready to explore solutions that move the blocks from your path, so you can reach your full sexual potential?

Or have you been exploring sexuality for a while and know that there is so much more to discover around Tantra, intimacy, connection and personal growth?

Or is there something else that you are ready to explore?

'What you are seeking is seeking you'

I believe that you will find what you are seeking here

What people are saying about me
There are three areas of focus, where I bring my extensive training and experience of leading edge Tantra, Sexological Bodywork™, Surrogacy, Coaching, Counselling and Consent to help you explore your sexual self.

Portal to Your Pleasure:
Tantric Massage

Experience for yourself or learn to give and share wonderful, relaxing and authentic Tantric Massage. I offer and teach Taoist Erotic Tantric Massage across three delicious offerings:

  • For you
  • For your partner
  • For each other

Passport to Your Potential:
Get better at sex

Take the hero’s journey into sexual confidence. Work through those sexual challenges and performance issues to discover yourself as a full and vibrantly sexual man. From being in your head, to arousal led by your body’s desire.

Move from shame and uncertainty to finding confidence, peace and contentment…

Pathway to Your Power:
Bespoke Tantra for you

Pathway to your Power is a unique opportunity to explore Tantric techniques including sustained sexual arousal, semen retention, becoming multi-orgasmic and more.

Bespoke Tantric experiences for men who have some experience of Tantra, have worked with me before or complete a 2 hour intro session.

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