Anal pleasure for men… it feels so good!

Let’s dive in and explore the pleasures of butt play. There is a lot of curiosity about this pleasure zone with “Anal” being one of the most popular search terms on porn sites. And yet it is often shamed and totally written off as a complete no-no before ever being properly explored. Let’s check out some of the myths.

Because it hurts!

Only if you do it wrong! Butt play has the potential to feel so good! It’s an area that has one of the densest concentrations of nerve endings in your body and as such your anus is a highly sensitive area with the capacity to feel acute pleasure. Often people jump straight to the idea of penetration when they think of anal and this can bring up fear of pain due to unpleasant previous experiences and a misunderstanding of anal sex. Most anuses cannot and should not be expected to perform the way we see them in porn, those people are professionals! When it comes to anal play the key is to lube up and slow – everything – down!

Because it’s disgusting!

Hygiene is extremely important and there are a few steps to follow to keep clean and safe.  From a young age we’ve been conditioned that anything to do with your bum is bad, wrong, dirty and you shouldn’t be playing down there. Butt don’t let these beliefs stop you from experiencing waves of raw pleasure!  Now that you’re all grown up you can keep clean AND play wherever the hell you want!

Because it’s only for gay men and women!

Historically there has been strict gender roles and homosexual connotations linked to anal sex. It wasn’t that long ago that anal sex was a criminal act! Luckily, these outdated taboos are becoming less and less prominent and plenty of men are allowing their bodies to experience the pleasures of anal play.

To delve deeper into anal pleasure check out my Anal pleasure video where I explore topics such as hygiene, communication, consent, toys and more!

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Anal pleasure for men… it feels so good!
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